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"Recovery Credits" 101

If you or your student has fallen behind on a class or two, there are options for making up those credits in order to graduate on time.

TIP: Confirm that you or your student are taking the RIGHT CLASSES so that they receive proper credit for high school and/or college courses.

North Idaho Charter & Magnet Schools

North Idaho Charter Schools

Idaho Charter School Information

North Idaho Magnet Schools

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Advanced Learning Opportunities

The term "Advanced Opportunities" can be confusing because it means different things in different contexts and within different points in a student's education. For example, in Elementary School, there are Advanced Learning Teachers who may teach a variety of topics (Teachers are often referred to as "ALP" teachers). In Middle School, there may be Advanced Math, Language Arts, and other classes. In High School, however, the term encompasses even more variation.

A very important distinction in High School is that "Advanced Opportunities" more often refers to receiving credits (and often funding) towards college courses. In order to received college credit for an AP (Advanced Placement) course, a student must receive a score of 3 or higher (out of 5) on the AP exam for that course. And many colleges require a score of at least 4. Each college or university has a guide to how AP exam scores transfer into credits at their institution that may be found on their websites.

"Honors" Classes, on the other hand, are technically "advanced" courses (i.e. more rigorous) but don't qualify for college credit, although their grades may be "weighted" so that if a student receives a 3.0 in an Honors class, it actually is reported as a 3.5 on their transcript.

Dual credit courses (sometimes known as concurrent credit or dual enrollment) are classes for which the student receives high school and college credit simultaneously. These courses may be available at the high school, online through a course provider (such as the Idaho Digital Learning Academy - IDLA), online from the college, or on the college campus. Check with your school counselor to see what opportunities your student may have. Also, check with the counselor to see how dual credits are transcribed at your high school. Many schools transcribe the credits at half their college credit value (3 college credits = 1.5 high school credits). This may vary by school.

AP Curricula is determined by CollegeBoard. This means that AP teachers across the country teach the same thing.

Honors Curricula is determined by the State, and individual schools, districts, and teachers.

Dual credit curricula is determined by the credit-granting college and the schools, districts, and teachers.

Idaho Advanced Opportunities Overview (State Board of Education)

The State Board of Education defines the "Advanced Opportunities" that are available in Idaho. The State Department of Education determines the funding available for these courses/credits.

Idaho State Advanced Opportunities FUNDING (State Department of Education) -- i.e. "How students can get their advanced learning credits/courses paid for"

Based on HB458 in the 2016 Legislature, all the programs have merged into one; it will still be called "Fast Forward".




July 1, 2016


(No pro-rating for prior program use)

Eligible grades:

7-12 beginning the summer after 6th grade


Participation Form must be signed by the student / parent, kept on file at school district

Eligible uses:

  • Overload classes
  • Dual Credit classes
  • Credit bearing exams (AP, IB, CLEP)
  • Professional – technical exams (CNA, A+, etc.)
  • Post-Secondary scholarship for early graduates

Funding mechanism: State Department Advanced Opportunities Portal 

Payments: Directly to state entities / to SD for private entities

Payments: Made at the end of each semester

NOTE: As of July 2016, "8-in-6" Program, Mastery Advancement Program (MAP) and Dual Credit Early Completers Program have merged into "Fast Forward" Program


Transfer Credits

    IDTransfer is a website developed by Idaho public and community colleges and state universities to help students learn what credits will transfer. Links at the bottom of the page link to Transfer information for various North Idaho schools. 


Coeur d'Alene School District

Post Falls School District

Lakeland School District

North Idaho School Districts

College / Career Planning

We've compiled a list of answers to some of the most common questions for students (or parents of students) who are nearing graduation.

Graduation Requirements

Applying to College

  • Direct Admissions -- What is it, why it's important, and what to do next
    In August 2015, the Idaho State Board of Education approved a new admissions initiative to provide more Idaho students with the opportunity to obtain a postsecondary certificate or degree. The initiative, called Direct Admissions, proactively admits Idaho public high school seniors to the state’s public higher education institutions based on each student’s grade point average (GPA) and college entrance exam score
  • The Common Application ("Common App")
    College application system comprised of more than 600 Member colleges. Students can create a profile, search & track colleges, and apply directly to institutions.
  • Next Steps Idaho - Apply to School Resources
    College Application Week, Preparing for College Campus Visits, Admissions Tracker, Sample High School Resume, Tips for Getting Great Letters of Recommendation, and more information.

College Planning

  • Idaho Career Information System (CIS)
    Providing comprehensive career information, resources and services to help you make successful education and career decisions.
  • North Idaho Higher Education Page is currently showing as expired, so try their Facebook page.
    North Idaho Higher Education can help launch a career in North Idaho.
  • Next Steps Idaho
    Idaho State Board of Education website with the goal to get every student in the state ready for life beyond high school. Includes checklists, financial aid quick links, College application information, college and career planning, and more.
    IDTransfer is a website developed by Idaho public and community colleges and state universities to help students learn what credits will transfer. Links at the bottom of the page link to Transfer information for various North Idaho schools.
  • Big Future by The College Board (National)
    College Board ( is an organization that prepares and administers standardized tests that are used in college admission and placement. Their Big Future site goes beyond just the testing and provides guidance on all aspects of preparing for college including finding schools, exploring careers, paying for college, etc.
  • GEAR UP Idaho
    A federal grant program designed to increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education. The program is currently in use in Bonners Ferry, Clark Fork, Priest River, Kellogg, and Plummer in North Idaho.
  • Junior Achievement
    Volunteer-delivered, kindergarten-12th grade programs that foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills, and use experiential learning to inspire students to dream big and reach their potential.

Testing - SAT, ACT, AP, etc.


  • What is College Board?
    College Board ( is an organization that prepares and administers standardized tests that are used in college admission and placement, such as the PSAT, SAT, and also Advanced Placement (AP) testing. Students create accounts with College Board. (Parents can also create a Parent account, which is necessary for applying for the CSS/Financial Aid Profile when applying for Financial Aid to many schools. Go to our Pay for College page for more info.)


Free Practice Tools

    Both CURRENT and NEW SAT practice tests, including four official practice exams from College Board.
  • EdReady
    A collaborative project between Idaho Distrance Learning Academy and local schools to prepare students to succeed on high stakes math tests.

    Other Standardized Testing

    Learning & Reading Programs

    Youth Programs